How To Be Successful With One Simple Step

How To Be Successful With One Simple Step

Never Give Up.

Everyone has their own definition of success. To some it may mean being Insta famous. To some it may mean having lots of money. To me it means being able to do what I love every day and make a living off it.

Many years ago, success to me meant being able to do what I love with no limitations.

When I first started to achieve recognition for my fashion blog, Street Meets Style (which is no longer running) I saw that as success. Being able to interview my favourite celebrities and fashion bloggers and having them email me to do collaborations as well as big brands and companies, I thought I had made it big – though may I add I wasn’t making a penny for it. I guess to some they thought it was a waste of time because I was having no financial gain whilst putting in so many hours of my day and to some I was extremely successful because of the recognition I was getting.

When I stopped doing solely fashion and merged in music with my next big blog, KNEWYU (which again is no longer running) it was as if I had hit the jackpot! I was now having brands and companies emailing me to promote their products and businesses on my blog, I was interviewing big music artists, painters, creative directors, celebrities, business owners, and being put on guest lists to music marketing events, gigs and fashion shows. If I’m extremely honest with you all, I didn’t make a lot of money from it at all, but the fun I was having. I even had a team of people who started working with me FOR FREE just because they believed in my vision and wanted to be a part of making that happen.

I truly appreciate all the people that I met on that journey but I stopped it because my heart was no longer in it.

And that’s the difference between other peoples interpretation of success and mine. So many people were shocked when I stopped because of how well it was doing, but I can’t be happy doing something that I don’t want to do just because it’s doing so well.

I took all the elements of the things that I was loving from my previous sites and put them all together with my recreated vision, and here we have MMU Collection. The blog/business that I will stick with; the blog/business I believe in.

I’m not at all worried about MMUC getting attention because if I was able to do it with my previous sites and consistently make each site better than the next, then this site is going to be just the same but better!

Now, the reason I share some of my blogging journey with you is because there is a lesson in it. Not just a lesson for you, but a lesson for me. Typing this out right now has reminded me of how determined and passionate I was but the main thing I take away from it is that I never gave up. I kept trying again and again and again. I kept making changes until I was happy and stopping and restarting things that I’m just not proud of.

The main key to success in my opinion is to never give up. If you have vision, people will catch on and help you to realise that vision. Whatever your idea of success is, it can only be achieved with passion, determination and hard work. Remember, you can only fail if you give up.

Don’t give up, succeed!

From Nadine


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