Rocking That Rylands Heath Merch!

Rocking That Rylands Heath Merch!


Rylands Heath are an Indie rock/pop duo from Luton. They so kindly invited me to go to their second ever gig in Birmingham – which was held at The Sunflower Lounge – and of course I said yes! And to be very honest, I would have regretted it deeply had I said no because it was the best gig I have ever been too since I went to see Matt Corby two years ago at The O2 Institute in Digbeth.

I have never seen anyone smile so much whilst singing, not care about what any of the audience thinks if they dance a bit during every song, look directly at their Manager for encouragement and to vibe off their energy, or care so much about those that came to see them that they would both come off the stage to sing and play the one acoustic song in their 30 minute (approx.) set so that they could be ‘close to us’.

I literally could continue on and on about all the things I noticed in the short time I spent with them but I will conclude by sharing the fact that I was aloud to select one of the two t-shirt designs as a gift. They’re just amazing!! [And as a side note: we took some time out of their set to take a selfie with their well deserved award from the Best of British Unsigned Music awards for the best unsigned song, West Coast. Congratulations guys!]

Their merch is so great and it represents the band so well! I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of me in their tee which I paired with a nice hippie/boho embroidered denim jacket from Boohoo, my beloved Arsenal beanie, star headband – also from Boohoo and some very unexciting Sainsbury’s jeans. The western inspired belt was also from Boohoo and the boots were from Primark.

WARNING: If you ever get the opportunity to see Rylands Heath; go! You won’t regret it and if you do – you just have bad taste in music. (Jokes. But really though… go!)


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