SOTD: Heartache Is A Cold Place

SOTD: Heartache Is A Cold Place

A Boy and His Kite

Hey, it’s Nadine! I am happy to bring you today’s Song of The Day today. I came across A Boy and His Kite a week ago when I was looking for some new Christian music to add my ever growing playlist and A Boy and His Kite came up as suggested under one of the artists I was looking at. I clicked on his SoundCloud playlist via his website and listened to the three songs listed there. Two of the songs stood out to me so I made a note to myself to check out the rest of his music later.

This morning after I had my devotion I felt it was the right time to listen to the rest of his tunes as I wanted to keep the peaceful, worship atmosphere that had been created whilst I was reading my Bible and devotion and then this song, Heartbreak Is A Cold Place followed after the other and everything stopped. I couldn’t move. I just sat there and listened to the song over and over. I had watched the live version of this song the previous week as I was going through his playlist but I didn’t even clock that it was the same song as I was listening to the official audio.

There’s just something so so special about this song. I am literally obsessed with the harmonies created, the mellow guitar strums and piano chords; the almost orchestral sound made with the aid of the violin and steel guitar slides. It’s seems so simple yet so complex.

This is the perfect song to reflect, wind down or get your mind in the right place for worship and devotion.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!


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