4TT: 4 Prayers That I Love

4TT: 4 Prayers That I Love

To The Princes & Princesses

I found some really beautiful prayers on Pinterest that I thought were just so wonderful, inspiring and God-filled.

Each prayer covers a different topic that girls (princesses) in particular may be dealing with and are written as if God were saying these things to His daughter.

I chose four of my favourites to share but I also want the guys who are reading this to replace princesses/her/she with prince/him/he because I truly believe that God would say the same sort of thing to the guys out there!

Remember prayer is a conversation with God. Sometimes we pray and let all our requests be known to God without ever taking the time out to actually sit and listen and wait for God’s response. Being able to read prayers that focuses more on God’s response to the situation is a beautiful way for us to actually think and be motivated to wait patiently for God’s answers to our own personal prayers.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are my favourite prayers that I found:

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