The #1 Reason So Many People Hate Mondays

The #1 Reason So Many People Hate Mondays

Is Because They Break Routine

During the week we have work/school/studies etc. Those call for a set time to wake up in the morning, set times for tasks to get started/completed or class times, a set lunch period, and a set home time. Whether you work from home or not there are still set times (no matter how flexible) when you would prefer to do things.

When Friday night comes and the weekend is close in sight the weekly alarms go off, lie-ins are inevitable and our whole weekday schedule seems nothing but a distant memory.

When the weekend is over we then reset our alarms for the next 5 mornings to come and try to force ourselves back into our weekday routine and because Monday is the first day that we try to do this, we fail miserably and Monday gets a bad name.

I believe that we are the only one’s to blame for our not so great Mondays and not the day itself. We have a routine that we stick too all throughout the week but when it comes to the weekend we quit our routine and then hope that we can regain it when the weekend is over.

In order to have the best Monday’s we have to be consistent even through our weekends. It doesn’t mean we have to work during the weekend as well but try to go to bed at the same time each night, wake up the same time each morning and try to eat at the same time each day that way no day will feel dramatically different than the other and Monday’s won’t be so bad!

My Challenge To You:

Tonight go to bed early and this weekend coming continue to get up at the same time you normally would during the week and try to stick to a similar routine when it comes to eating, planning your day, daily devotions and what not. Yes you will be doing less as you may not have to work, yes relax, but do try to do some sort of physical activity during the day.

Also plan your week on Sunday so that way when Monday comes back along, it won’t be too much of a difference and you will start to love Monday’s just as every other day of the week! I mean, what did Monday’s ever do to you? Jks 😂


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