MMUC’s Rachel Aust Interview

MMUC’s Rachel Aust Interview

KNEWYU Forever Throwback

If you’ve been reading MMUC’s articles for a while you will remember me mentioning that I had a site called KNEWYU. KNEWYU had a sister site called KNEWYU Forever which focused on health, lifestyle, fitness/sport and beauty (whereas KNEWYU only focused on music, fashion and art).

KNEWYU and KNEWYU Forever are no longer running but I thought I would take some of my favourite articles that I want to keep forever and share them here on MMUC.

One of my favourite articles I wrote in September 2015 comes in the form of an interview that I did with the lovely entrepreneur and fitness inspiration, Rachel Aust. Some of the questions asked/answered are no longer relevant such as the question about Rachel and her previous boyfriend, Beau Bressington. They are no longer together but I left the question in just because that’s what I asked her at the time. It was relevant then and I want to keep the integrity of the interview conducted intact.

So, without further ado, here;s the interview! Past Nadine and Rachel, take it away!

A little while ago, I came across Rachel Aust on YouTube. I was searching for Ivania Carpio, founder of Love Aesthetics because I wanted to learn more about minimalism, and I really can’t pass up not watching a video when the backgrounds are literally black, white and grey.

There was something about her YouTube presence that made me click on my first Rachel Aust video and from then on, I was a subscriber.

Rachel is a business owner, fitness guru and monochrome, minimalist wonder which I like to call her haha.

Here is a little interview that we did together so that you can learn more about her and her business and hopefully learn something new that she hasn’t yet shared anywhere else!

Nadine: How did you first start getting into fitness and what’s it like running your own gym?

Rachel: I was on-and-off for ages with my fitness. I mainly did cardio stuff, running, walking, easy equipment at the gym, but I’d fall off track over and over again. Then one day something snapped and it all changed mentally for me and I haven’t fallen off since, around the same time I started training with Beau and quickly progressed with my weight training.
N: I love how you only wear tones as that’s something I am starting to do a lot; slowly getting rid of my coloured clothes. What inspired you to just wear tones and how would you describe your personal style?
R: Thank you! Well before I was wearing black, white and grey I was predominantly just wearing black (if we look all the way back to when I was 15 or so I was wearing super bright colourful clothing though). People used to always tell me I was bad at matching colours, so I sort of veered away unintentionally. I would never go back now, the idea of wearing colour makes me feel uneasy haha. I’d describe my style as simple and probably almost a little masculine. When I go out I’m more likely to wear jeans than a dress, I frequently wear ‘male’ clothing and I like wearing combat boots. In saying that though, I know how to dress very feminine to compliment my figure when I need to.
N: Minimalism is becoming an important factor in many peoples lives. I know you have a minimalism video series, but can you share some tips on how you started to become a minimalist and overcoming challenges of wanting to keep things because of memories or values?
  • R: Just because it’s expensive doesn’t warrant that you need to keep it. Sell it or give it away to someone who will appreciate it more than you do.
  • I personally don’t place sentimental value in objects at all, learn to be whole within yourself and look towards the future not the past.
  • Start decluttering by first removing rubbish, then creating a pile of things you actually need to use every week, things you still need (but less frequently), and things you haven’t used in a long time. Repeat this process 2-3 times in one sitting, and then repeat every few months until you have created a substantial reduction in how many possessions you own.

N: What is a typical day like in the life of Rachel Aust?
R: Busy. I wake up very early, eat a lot of food while answering emails. After I am finished emailing I wrap/package supplement orders and get them ready to post. Then head to the gym and post parcels on my way.
Usually then I will get back home and focus on editing my videos or my photography work. Any meetings I have in the day I schedule for around midday to early afternoon so that everything is all together.
In the afternoons I focus on writing (whether that be content for our 8 Week Challengers, blog posts, developing video ideas, or just new bits and pieces for the website), I am constantly needing to create fresh ideas and build them, so a lot of my time is spent researching and writing. If I have any spare time I also look into further ways for us to grow Eat Run Lift, we’ll be selling some awesome minimalistic shakers soon ;).
By the evening I am usually getting dinner ready or just re-heating meal prep for Beau and I and we will usually watch an episode of something while we eat just to have a little down time after he has been training clients and I have been writing all day, currently we’ve been watching House of Cards.
After dinner and a bit of cleaning up I’ll get stuck into university work and then right before bed I reply to another round of emails.
Any work/study/vlogging time management/organisation tips?
Most of my tips are in here.

N: What’s it like working with your boyfriend Beau? Is it easy working with someone you’re so close with?
R: For the most part, yes. Our relationship is so relaxed and such a breeze that it makes working together very easy. Usually he is the ideas person and I develop it and turn it into something tangible. The only time we have a bit of difficulty is when we’re doing photoshoots for ebooks/marketing/the blog. I am not afraid to say I am a control freak when it comes to our business and when I’m trying to be in the photographs and trust Beau to take them it gets very difficult for me. I usually end up having to set up the camera (and sometimes lighting too if we are using it) and then shuttle back and forth between where I am posing and where he is so I can check it’s the way I’ve envisioned it in my mind. He’s getting a lot better with making sure the camera settings are adjusted when they need to be though!!
N: What’s your favourite fail proof, healthy recipe?
R: Our Metabolic Curry recipe! You can find it in the Get Lean: Nutrition Guide

It’s incredibly easy and is very cheap to make.

N: Any tips for an aspiring blogger and/or gym goer?
  • R: Gym Goer: Find a routine and dedicate yourself to it. Track your progression and do not give up just because it didn’t miraculously work after one week.
  • Vlogger: Don’t just upload anything, be picky and create a style.
  • Vlogger+Gym Goer: Don’t set your camera up in the gym, people look at you weirdly haha.

Thank you so much Rachel for agreeing to do this interview! These tips were very helpful to me. I hope they were helpful for you guys too. Let me know in the comments if you have done any of the tips Rachel suggested.


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