SOTD: Believe

SOTD: Believe


Amann Hyatt is a film and game soundtrack composer from Birmingham, UK and the founder of Revolution Music Productions.

I decided to choose Amann’s soundtrack, Believe (which features Alexandr Fullin and Rayshaun Thompson) to be featured as today’s song of the day because this instrumental took me on the journey that I have actually been living especially this past week and this morning.

It starts off in a hopeful place and as the song continues I imagine getting more and more strength and confidence, just reaching high and achieving those goals set. This song is literally a mirror to my own life. I have a lot of dreams and goals that I want to achieve. Sometimes I can be a little doubtful but I am also hopeful and willing to put in the hard work necessary.

This morning I reached a milestone and achieved a goal that I have been working towards for about a year or two now. I finally got the courage to work to achieve my goal and I finally started to believe in my abilities after having a few setbacks and mental blocks.

Believe is the keyword that I want to focus on. It’s the keyword that I want to keep on hearing replaying over and over again in my mind because a positive mindset is the way forward. A positive mindset and belief in oneself is the driving force to achieving greatness!

I hope you enjoy listening to this song and that you will take the title literally and apply it to your life. Have some self belief, learn to trust in your own instincts and learn to trust others. Work hard and reach for the moon because you might just hit a star *

Also you can hear Amann’s song Believe in this short film.

Believe by Amann

Watch film here: New rendition of this track every year on the 6th of April Available for Licensing at: Buy on Bandcamp: Written in collaboration with: Matt Chochrane Artwork made by Amann and Enjoy – Amann


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