5 Things: How To Create A Vision Board

5 Things: How To Create A Vision Board

My Vision/Goals

Do you have goals and things that you would like to happen in your life? Are there things you would like to buy? Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit?

I’m sure there’s plenty of things that we would like to happen in our life but there are a few factors that can mean the difference between us achieving or just dreaming.

1. You can have dreams about what you would like and do nothing about it.

2. You can say the things you want but don’t do anything about it.

3. You can write the things you want to achieve to make it a little more clearer but not have the extra push to make it happen.

4. You can write down your goals and set tasks to help you get closer day by day.

5. You can print pictures and write down every detail of what you want (for example colour, price, distance etc.) to achieve and then write down daily tasks to get you there.

Out of the 5 things, only the last 2 will get you where you want to go – if you actually do the tasks written.

I have a few goals myself. I’ll only share 1 of them with you so you can get a better idea of how I use vision boards and how you can make one for yourself:

I want a Vauxhall Adam 1.2 Rocks Air 3dr in Black. It costs £16,910 from this website. It takes unleaded fuel and is 3 doors which is the perfect size for me and has 5 gears. I want a manual car so that’s great.

I went to Available Car to see it in person and sat in the car so I could have a better feel. I also took photos of myself in the car so that I can hang it up and look at it and visualise myself with the car.

The plan for me to get the car is simple. Get a job, save up enough so that I can start a payment plan and pay monthly until I have paid of the car or, save up until I have all the money and then buy the car.

I can set dates and get quotes from different dealers to see which plan and car is going to be the right fit for me.

I can either get a second hand one or buy a brand new version. I am considering these options because I don’t want to buy a half broken car that is going to last me less time and will probably cost more on repairs than a better or new(er) car.

For all my other goals I have collected a lot of detailed images so that I can print them up and hang them somewhere where I will see them everyday. I’ve also written down why I want/need them and how to achieve it and when.

Being able to visually see something and have a plan of how you’re going to get/achieve it literally takes you 70% of the way there because it’s like you almost have it; you just need to take that next step to get it.

Make Your Own!

1. Write down all the things you want to buy or achieve.

2. Find the images and print them off.

3. Hang them up where you can see them all the time.

4. Write small tasks and daily goals for you to be able to achieve these – that also includes writing down every bit of information that you can find about it such as price, location, colour, time etc.

5. Set a due by date and start working!

Hopefully this helps!


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