Mission. The Movement for Uniqueness Collection

Welcome to MMU Collection! MMUC – for short is an online youth Christian lifestyle magazine which covers topics such as business, art, fashion and health to help you live a more inspired and happy life.

Our History

MMU Collection began as a fashion line in the year 2015 which evolved into this here site.

We are planning to bring the fashion aspect of our history in the forms of an online store very soon!

Our Family

Alongside MMUC we have MMUC Records – our independent record label and MMUC TV – our online TV show!

Our Founder

Nadine Hamilton is an artist, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and blogger, born in Birmingham, UK and raised all over the country.

Her art includes photography, videography, web and graphic design, painting, drawing, and obviously making music!

“I believe that God make each and every one of us unique and beautiful and that each of us have something wonderful to share and contribute to the world. That’s why I made this site; so that we can find something special. Something unique. Something inspiring, educational and encouraging.”